2019 Sola Scriptura

2019 Conference Media: Sola Scriptura

Affirming the supremacy of Scripture for the Supremacy of Christ and the Salvation of Man
APRIL 5-6, 2019

The Bible. It’s the foundation of our Christian faith. But it is under attack, even in the church. How can we know that this book is all it claims to be?

Is it trustworthy?
Does it contain errors or contradictions?
What does infallibility mean?
Is it sufficient for salvation, life, and godliness? Or do we need more?
Where did the Bible come from?
Do Christians need the Old Testament?
Do archeological finds support the historical claims of the Bible?

Are you able to answer these types of questions with confidence to a skeptical world? More than just arming you with information, our aim is to gain a more robust appreciation for the Scriptures to make much of Christ.

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The goal of the 2019 conference was to educate, equip, and encourage for confidence in the supremacy of Scripture for the supremacy of Christ and the salvation of man—for God’s glory and man’s joy.

Sola Scriptura is the Latin phrase, meaning “Scripture alone,” that expresses the Reformation conviction to return to the Holy Bible as the sole access to God’s authoritative self-revelation and will. As the Reformation reintroduced the gospel to the world through an insistence on the supremacy of Scripture, so must the church today.

Without the supremacy of Scripture, the gospel is lost. The gospel is not something reachable by man, it is revelation by God. Obscure the truth, authority, and reliability of Scripture and you obscure the truth, authority, and reliability of God—and what remains for mankind is only darkness and hopelessness. Knowledge of God, reconciliation with God, and everlasting delight in God—the gospel itself—rests on God’s self-revelation in Scripture alone.

“Each of the emphases of the Reformation, summed up in the solas, is focused upon protecting the integrity and identity of the gospel itself. Without the inspiration, authority, harmony, and sufficiency of Scripture, we do not know the gospel (sola Scriptura).” — Dr. James R. White

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